12 Korean Beauty Hacks For Perfect Skin

Korean beauty products and skincare are very famous nowadays. There is a proper procedure of how you can do your morning skin caring routine and night skincare routine. There are also some beauty hacks regarding Korean products and procedure through which you can achieve perfect skin.

1. Face steam:

Face massage is very much needed when you want to have perfect flawless skin. Face massage increases blood circulation and enhances collagen level in your skin which treats acne scars, rejuvenates your skin and treats other problems. There are special techniques of doing a face massage by the help of your fingers from your forehead to your temples, then from cheeks to the upward direction and then to your jawline. Face massage also gives you a dewy and glowing complexion.

2. Exfoliating with a washcloth:

Whenever you are free take a washcloth which is purely clean, dip it in hot water for some time then massage your face in circular motion with that washcloth. It will prevent the wrinkles to come on your face and also it will open your pores and clean your pores.

3. Charcoal sheet mask:

Use a charcoal mask if you want to have perfect flawless skin. Charcoal detoxifies your skin and takes out all the toxins from your skin. You just have to put that sheet on your face and after 15-20 minutes wash your face with tepid water.

4. Blurring effect:

Try blurring your face with a heavy foundation by applying it with a good beauty blender or face brush like morphe m432 to give an air cushion effect. This will hide your acne scars, pigmentation, and pimples. Try using foundation which is full coverage but doesn’t feel heavy once you apply them like Huda beauty foundation.

5. Apply facial essence:

Facial essence is very good when it comes to achieving a very nutrient, glowing look that doesn’t feel heavy and absorbs in your skin instantly. Essence should be applied right after you are finished with your toner followed by serum and moisturizer. For example, the Korean essence zymogen is really very good when it comes to supplying the skin, provide moisture and nutrients.

6. Lip exfoliators:

Lips should never be forgotten when it comes to skincare. You should always exfoliate your lips and moisturize it before applying any lipstick on it. Even when you are at home or going out exfoliate and smoothen your lips. Always use honey and brown sugar for exfoliation and after that for moisturizer use simply Vaseline for it.

7. Tints and oils:

Use tints on your lips and cheeks to pop your lip color and give your lips a hydrated, fresh look. Whenever not in a mood of doing makeup, apply oil on your under eye area like almond oil, then apply lip tints and simple cheek tints for the more hydrated and dewy look.

8. Sleeping mask:

If you want a glass skin effect on your skin and wants that your skin should glow like a sun in the morning then use sleeping masks. Sleeping masks lock all the moisture of your skin inside and keep your skin like that till the morning time, it provides hyper-moisturizing, improves complexion and corrects any dullness.

9. Drink green tea:

Drink green tea with little ginger, honey, and lemon. This will helps to detoxify your body, helps to lose weight and clears your skin like acne skin. This tea also improves your blood circulation level.

10. Mouth stretches:

It is all about improving your blood circulation level of your skin producing more level of collagen and blood on your skin to improve the circulation, fade away scars to reduce pigmentation on your face. Do a little mouth stretches by opening your mouth wide open in different angles which will promote blood circulation.

11. Detox private parts:

This very important step which plays a very vital role in making your skin perfect and flawless. Usually, people have less knowledge about it and don’t pay much attention to it but, it is important. There is a steam of vagina called “The V steam” in which you sit on an open-seated stool and below you keep a hot water pot filled with aromatic herbs. This helps to clean and detoxify your vagina and clean your uterus.

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