5 Makeup Mistakes that are Giving you Serious Acne


Many people are unaware of this fact that when it comes to acne on your face everything you apply on your face plays an important role in your acne whether it’s a makeup product or skincare product. Everything that can go and penetrate into your pores and clog your pores is the reason behind your acne.

 There are many factors which I will be discussing here which we unconsciously do and which is playing a vital role in aggravating your acne. I was also surprised when I learned about these little things.

1 Not applying makeup on clean face:

People generally don’t consider this a big thing of washing their face again and again before applying makeup. Mostly people apply makeup after cleaning their face with facial wipes which is wrong thing. One should always wash their face before applying makeup even if they have washed their face an hour ago. Properly cleanse and prep your skin before applying makeup.

The full prepping routine before makeup includes:

  • Washing your face
  • Cleansing your face
  • Toning your face
  • Moisturizing/ serum on face
  • Priming your face
  • Facial mist spray

One must follow these simple rules above if they want that there makeup should not be the causing factor of their acne.

2 Storing/placing your brushes:

Only cleaning your brushes will not make a deal if you are not placing or storing your brushes in a right place where they will getting an air to breathe and where there is no dirt and air pollution. Often while we are travelling we throw our makeup brushes in the bottom of our makeup pouches and when the bristle of our brushes clings with the pouch, it gets fibers and dirt from there. Also the bristle becomes rough which will create a rough texture on your skin while applying your foundation and eventually that foundation when not properly set will settle into your pores and will clog your pores.

3 Using your fingers to apply makeup:

A bad touch of your skin will lead to excessive acne on your face. People apply their makeup with fingers thinking that the makeup will blend easily into their skin giving a smooth even look but it’s not like that. For a very long time, I also used to do the same thing until I did a little research on it and immediately stopped using my fingers while applying makeup. If you don’t wash your hands before applying makeup, the germs and bacteria on your hands and fingers will get into your pores of your skin and finally cause acne. So never use your fingers to apply your makeup.

4 Not using the right makeup:

Not using the right kind of makeup can also lead to serious acne. By saying not using right makeup I didn’t mean to say the brand but also the right ingredient. Even if you purchase a fancy makeup product or foundation, if it contains that specific ingredient which does not suit your skin your skin will get irritated which will ultimately cause serious acne. For example, let’s say you are allergic to vitamin E products then if you buy any cream or foundation that contains vitamin E in it will cause allergic reaction to your face.

5 Buying and application of foundation:

Whenever you are planning to buy your foundation always know your skin type whether it is oily or dry or combination skin. After knowing your skin type search for the right shade of your foundation. your foundation color should exactly match the color of your neck (not a shade lighter or darker than that) however if that foundation has oxidizing properties you may buy one shade lighter than your neck color because after sometime it will match the exact color of your neck. These tiny things can lead to serious acne very easily. For example if your skin is oily and you also purchase a foundation that is oily in nature, it will penetrate into your pores and will clog your pores that will result into bad acne.

Similarly if you have dry skin and you purchase a foundation that is also dry in nature, it will make your skin more dry and abrasive to your acne. It will make your skin rough, itchy and patchy that will aggravate your acne. Avoid applying makeup with acrylics and silicon which will block your skin because too much foundation will penetrate into your pores. We should also avoid products which contain alcohol in it. Alcohol has intense drying properties which make skin rough and dry. Avoid too much layering on your skin. Always apply a thin layer and make your skin breathable.

6 Not cleaning your brushes regularly:

 If you are not clean or the products you are using are not clean then they will definitely cause you problems. Makeup applicators like makeup brushes, sponges and beauty blenders should always be cleaned properly and sterilized so that no dirt or extra makeup from the brushes goes into your skin and cause acne. Wash your brushes at least thrice a week and make sure you put them in a safe place not exposed to air pollution. Always keep your makeup brushes confined to yourself only. Never let anyone use your makeup brushes because you never know what kind of skin problems that person has or what kind of skin she has.

Even if you know her skin type still you should avoid it even she is your sister. I have personally experienced this on my face; I used to have excessive acne on my cheeks and I applied almost everything on my face, every remedy to get rid of acne but it just didn’t work till then I noticed that me and my sister were using the same brush for applying blush on cheeks. I immediately separated my face brush from hers and I saw visible difference within days. So never share your makeup brushes with anyone.

7 Process:

Whenever you plan to clean your brushes in a week you don’t need fancy cleansers to wash your makeup brushes. Just take any soft body wash or shampoo. Take a mug or jar, fill it with tepid water and mix a little body shop or shampoo in it. Put your brushes in it for 10 to 15 minutes then gently massage the brush from your fingers. Press the brush to takeout all the excessive dirt and products from it. After then rinse your brushes with water and then towel dry it and then leave it in fresh air to dry them completely.

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