Makeup That Causes Acne And What To Use Instead

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Isn’t it funny that the thing which causes us acne, we uses that thing again on our face to cover our acne? And that is, makeup. Yes, it’s true that makeup causes acne. There are ingredients in makeup products that go into our pores and settle down over there, clogging the pores and when pores are clogged it causes pimple and bumps on your skin which take the form of acne afterwards. Acne that is caused by makeup is called acne cosmetica.  The ingredients in makeup which causes acne differ from person to person. One person might suffer from one ingredient and the other person may suffer from another ingredient. For example one person suffers from silica in the primers and the other person suffers from cream based makeup products.

How do you know the cause is makeup?

Obviously, the acne which will be caused by makeup or any other thing will be the same. However there are some symptoms through which you can immediately visibly tell that it is because of the makeup. For example, when you use a certain foundation you experience irritation right after application or when you remove your makeup you see tiny bumps and small clusters of pimples on your face and that’s where you get to know that it is caused because of makeup products.

How you should wear makeup with acne face?

This is a complex and difficult question when one person thinks of this because; you certainly cannot go to work without makeup. Some people can but, if I talk about myself I cannot go. Wearing makeup not only gives you confidence but also enlighten up your mood. However, when you are determine to do something as well as you want that your acne don’t get irritated because of that you find certain solutions like I have. Firstly, it’s a gamble game because you don’t know that which ingredient will suit you and which will not until you give it a try.

There are few tips through which you can wear makeup with acne face:

Avoid heavy bases:

So the first thing you should do is, you should avoid heavy cream bases and foundations that can penetrate in your pore and will clog them. Use light weight and nourishing BB and CC creams that will do both jobs (makeup and skincare) like these creams include sun protection and ingredients which let your skin breath and don’t penetrate deep into your pores.

Suggested creams:

I will suggest you to use BB cream from garnier as it includes SPF 50 that protects your skin from harmful rays of sun and also include vitamin E in it which reduces the acne marks and gives your skin a very youthful look. Another CC cream which I will suggest is Erborian CC Crème which has centella asiatica in it which is an ancient plant and reduces inflammation and stimulates cell growth. However if you have very intense acne I would suggest not to use any cream and base on your skin. Just dap your skin with a setting powder and you are good to go. Any translucent powder or setting powder can give your skin a fresh look and you don’t need any heavy base to apply on your face. Another great suggestion which I always give is to use a radiant concealer which I personally do. I only apply concealer on my under eye and lip area and set my face with a powder. In this way my face gets a fresh and radiant look and also I don’t have to apply any heavy, creamy foundation. The concealer which I suggest and personally uses is Nars creamy radiant concealer in the shade custard which cost Rs.4000

Always double cleanse:

Cleansing is an essential part of your skincare routine. No matter how carefully you apply your makeup and no matter of what quality makeup you uses if you are not removing your makeup properly then you yourself is welcoming the bacteria to penetrate in your skin and cause acne.


Whenever you remove your makeup, first try to use oil based cleanser through which you can gently remove your eye makeup and face makeup by not going harsh on your skin. Oil based cleansers of Johnson’s baby are my favorite because they are specially designed for babies and has no harsh chemicals in it but if you are a fan of organic products like me use coconut oil which is no doubt the best makeup remover in the world. You can just use it blindly. It will not only remove your makeup but will also give your skin a soft finish. After removing your makeup with an oil cleanser use a foaming cleanser which is not oil based with which you can remove every bacteria from your skin. My most favorite non oily foaming cleanser nowadays is foaming cleanser from miniso brand which is not only economical but works best for all types of skin.

Clean your makeup brushes and hygiene:

Hygiene is the key element when it comes to makeup, skincare, hair care mouth care or any other care in the world. If you are not clean or the products you are using are not clean then they will definitely cause you problems. Makeup applicators like makeup brushes, sponges and beauty blenders should always be cleaned properly and sterilized so that no dirt or extra makeup from the brushes goes into your skin and cause acne. Wash your brushes at least thrice a week and make sure you put them in a safe place not exposed to air pollution. Always keep your makeup brushes confined to yourself only. Never let anyone use your makeup brushes because you never know what kind of skin problems that person has or what kind of skin she has. Even if you know her skin type still you should avoid it even she is your sister. I have personally experienced this on my face; I used to have excessive acne on my cheeks and I applied almost everything on my face, every remedy to get rid of acne but it just didn’t work till then I noticed that me and my sister were using the same brush for applying blush on cheeks. I immediately separated my face brush from hers and I saw visible difference within days. So never share your makeup brushes with anyone.

Cleaning your brushes:

Whenever you plan to clean your brushes in a week you don’t need fancy cleansers to wash your makeup brushes. Just take any soft body wash or shampoo. Take a mug or jar, fill it with tepid water and mix a little body shop or shampoo in it. Put your brushes in it for 10 to 15 minutes then gently massage the brush from your fingers. Press the brush to takeout all the excessive dirt and products from it. After then rinse your brushes with water and then towel dry it and then leave it in fresh air to dry them completely.

 Buying soft applicators for face:

When purchasing makeup brushes, buy soft bristle brushes and never ignore this factor of purchasing a good soft bristle face brush. My favorite brush set is from the brand real technique. There face brushes bristles are very soft. Another famous makeup brush which is my favorite is from Morphe M432.  Also invest in good quality beauty blenders like beauty blenders from Sephora.

Other small tips:

  • If you are having excessive acne on your skin never use any product that you have to blend very much on your face like cream contours. Similarly if your cheek is full of acne avoid intense contouring and bronzing where you have to rub your cheek multiple times.
  • Avoid applying makeup with your hands because hands are the easiest ways through which bacteria can get into your skin and causes acne.
  • Use hydrating and vitamins inclusive makeup products which not only provide you a makeover but also skincare.


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