Best Acne Scars Removal Treatment that Works

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Battling long with acne is not enough; you also want your scars to go away. There are some treatments which helps you with this issue. However, there is no guarantee that the acne scars will go away 100% but, the treatments lighten up the scars to a great extent. It all depends upon the acne scars. There are different types of acne scars.

  • Macules: These are the red spots which form on your skin and fade away by time on their own.
  • Skin discoloration:  This is also called post inflammatory hyper pigmentation. It can be visible by months and then can be healed by its own.
  • Tissue scars:  These are caused by excess production of collagen in your skin. They appear on your skin in a form of large pores and tissue growth.
  • Loss of tissue:  This is caused by a loss of tissue. They tend to appear sunken and look like pits in the skin.

Common scar removal treatments include:

1 Micro needling:

This very newly introduced treatment. It uses small, handheld, needle-studded roller or hand held “pen” on the surface of the scars. It is the safest treatment of all the treatments of acne scars. This technique punctures the skin and stimulates the skin to make collagen to that area where the skin is needed to get healed. This procedure is a time taking procedure and you have to be very patient in taking this treatment.

2 Derma roller:

Derma roller treatment is the sister of micro needling treatment. This a roller on which needles are placed of 0.25 mm, 0.5 mm to treat different type of acne scars according to their size and intensity. It is used only twice a week by not making skin damage or burnt. This punctures this skin making the skin to produce collagen at those areas where the skin has being damaged. This process is also a time taking process. It takes many months and sometimes a year to see desired results.

3 Chemical peels:

This treatment is for the people facing shallow acne scars and hyper pigmentation. In this treatment they apply a chemical on your skin depending upon your skin sensitivity. The chemical peels off the outer layer of your skin leaving your skin smooth and shiny. This treatment is not a onetime procedure, for better results chemical peel is done more than once which depends upon your dermatologist.

4 Retinoic acid:

This treatment is used to treat tissue scars. In this treatment retinoic cream is applied directly on your scars after cleansing your skin properly. Some people use traditional acne ointments for but they should not because most of them are either not effective or either very time taking.  This procedure is very much famous in treating keloid scars.

5 Fillers:

This is a very common and famous treatment these days. In this treatment substances such as collagen, hyaluronic acid and fats are injected in your skin where there is appearance of acnes scars and hyper pigmentation. This treatment is not a forever cure. You have to get the fillers again after 6 months or so. The substances get absorbed in your skin and treat the acne scars of your skin.

6 Skin grafting:

This technique is used when there becomes a large tunnel on your skin from the treatment like dermabrasion. In this treatment the skin is taken behind your ears and is placed on the acne scars area. The skin is camouflaged with your face skin then.

7 Punch excisions:

This treatment is used to treat pitted acne scars. In this treatment the doctors actually cut your acne scars or excise it and then fill that hole with skin grafting or a normal piece of skin to fill that area.

8 Lasers:

Different types of lasers are used to treat acne scars and redness. These lasers are used to take off the outer layer of your skin by giving your skin a new smooth look. Various types of lasers are used depending upon the type of acne scars and condition.

9 Dermabrasion:

In this treatment high-speed brush or other instrument is used to resurface the skin to remove the impression of acne scars by removing the outer layer of your scars. After this treatment you typically need some days to recover.

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