Best Electric Scooters Black Friday Deals 2020

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Electric Scooters Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2020 – The biggest sales of the year are just around the corner and you have the best chance to save your money on Electric Scooters from the top stores. Here I have picked some Electric Scooters Black Friday Sales & Deals for you from the very best brands.

If you also have made your mind to shop for the Electric Scooters then what can be the best deal more than the Black Friday discount offers? It’s the right time to get the best quality Electric Scooters to save up to 50% on the Electric Scooters Black Friday deals in 2020.

Here, are the aspects to know about and to be looked at before buying a Electric Scooters:

1. Speed

Speed is also dictated by the type of surface at your disposal. And we all know that not every patch of asphalt is smooth around the city. But there are e-scooters who are capable of doing as much as 40+ mph. Then again, ask yourself this: is this top speed a realistic target for you? Do you want to slalom around parked cars at this speed? Of course, if you can find a safe space with smooth asphalt and zero obstacles, a 40-mph e-scooter can be fun as hell, but otherwise, you’ll never get to enjoy its full potential.

2. Performance

Performance is a paramount aspect when deciding to splash the cash for a new electric scooter. However, before deciding which level of performance is the right choice for you, a few concepts must be discussed, such as speed, power, and range. Let’s take them one at a time.

3. Range

Range-wise, try to think about how will you use the e-scooter. Is your commute rather long? Then you might want an electric scooter that’s fitted with a larger battery. Of course, going for a bigger battery not only increases costs but also adds more weight into the mix, which is something we’ll address in the following section. However, if you plan on using the e-scooter around the park on weekends for mild strolling around, then you won’t necessarily need a long-range one.

If not, you can pick one that needs a bit more time to charge, since you won’t be needing it that often anyway. Tip: when checking out e-scooter specs for range estimates, makes sure to take into account that producers bump the theoretical values by 30% compared to what you’ll get in real life. Also, the range is affected by variables such as rider weight, extra load, terrain incline, surface quality, and speed.

4. Comfort

It goes without saying that riding an e-scooter should also be comfortable. In essence, we mean as few vibrations and shakes as possible, no wrist pain after prolonged use, and a relaxed and anatomically correct position while riding.

5. Safety

Yes, safety is a must when riding an e-scooter. So let’s start with brakes. They are usually fitted according to the electric scooter’s motor power and can be of various sorts: electrical/regenerative, foot brakes (where you brake by pressing the rear wheel fender), drum brakes, and disc brakes.

Best Electric Scooters Black Friday Deals 2020

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