Difference Between Daytime and Nighttime Skincare Routine

Many people think that is no difference between daytime skin care routine and night time skin care routine and apparently, there is no difference between this two routine, however, there is a difference between morning skincare routine and night skincare routine.

The foundational steps of both routines are double cleanser (oil based and water based cleanser), toner, essence, moisturizer, and SPF. These are the fundamental steps which are the same in both routines. Also, the procedure of going from lightest consistency to heaviest consistency is also the same. Also, the absorption level of your skin is very good when the products are applied like that and you don’t have to wait after every step to apply the next step.

The Following Differences in Both Routines Are:

The morning routine is short:

Morning routines are usually short and confined. In the morning when you are going to work, you just want to do a quick morning routine and then apply your makeup. As most of the people apply makeup before going out so they don’t prefer having tons of products under their makeup.

Night time routines are long and intense:

Night time routines, on the other hand, are long and detailed. They include exfoliating, sheet masks then sleeping masks, eye creams etc. The reason is, at nighttime your skin repairs, new cells are born and every problem related to your skin heals at the night time.

Also at night time, you are not going to apply makeup after the routine also no one is there to see you so you can apply tons of products on your face and just sleep happily. Also, there is no time shortage during the night time, you don’t have to reach anywhere during the night time so you can take your time to do your nighttime routine.

SPF use:

SPF sunscreen protection is applied on your face during the day time to protect your face from harmful sun rays. It is also used even when you are inside your house however, in the night time routine you don’t have to apply for any sunscreen protection obviously.

Single cleanse in the morning:

You already wake up to a nice and clear skin in the morning because of the night time routine so you don’t have to double cleanse in the morning as well because, double cleanse is only done when you have applied makeup or you are coming from outside where your face will get exposed to dirt, sweat, and oil. You only have to wash your face with a simple face wash in the morning or a simple gel/ foam cleanser.

Eye cream use:

Eye creams are also applied in the night time routine, not in the day time. Your eye is a sensitive area and you need to moisturize it keeping in mind that after that you apply nothing on your eye so, it should be done in the night time routine as there will be no makeup application involved.

Sheet mask and exfoliators in the night:

Sheet masks, sleeping mask, and exfoliators should be used at night time. Exfoliators scrub your skin and pull your dead skin layer out after which, your skin needs to settle down, relax and get calm to apply anything further on your face. So you should not do this in the morning when you are going out or you want to apply makeup after that.

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