How to clear small pimples on forehead

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Acne is the most happening problem which, almost everybody faces at certain age and even beyond that age. No matter where you are having acne on your face the cause is the same. Now let’s go into the roots of this problem that why pimples originates which takes the form of acne later on.


Sebum is oil which is used to protect the skin and lubricate the skin. It is produced in a gland called sebaceous glands in your skin. When this gland becomes excessive dirty or it gets fill with dead skin cells the pores begins to clog and because of those clogged pores the glands becomes to swell and bumps originates on your skin in the form of pimples. When this pimple becomes large in they takes the form of acne. There are number of reasons why your gland produces excessive amount of oil.

  • Hormones
  • Stress
  • Unhealthy diet
  • Certain medicines

However, there are also other reasons why pimples are caused.

Not washing your hair:

Yes, there are certain factors on which you barely pay attention and not even in your wildest dream you have thought of those factors. Not washing your hair for many days is one of those very major factors which cause forehead pimples. If you are not washing your hair properly on every second day then your hair follicles will get oily and your pores will get clog which will cause pimples on your forehead. Also, using of chemicals on your hair such as dye, hair sprays can also be the cause of pimples on your forehead. I have experienced this with myself that if I don’t wash my hair for 2 days or 3 days I get small pimples on my forehead and the moment I wash my hair my pimples disappear within one night. If during certain times for example, when you get your periods and you don’t wash your hair then try to wash only the front portion of your hair from which you are more likely getting the pimples. Acne caused by hair products is called pomade acne.

Hormones and puberty:

This is the very basic and common cause which almost everybody knows that when your body is undergoing hormonal changes during puberty or pregnancy, there are more likely chances of you getting all these problems. An upwelling in hormones creates excessive oils which clog your pores and you get pimples. On this stage what you have to do is, you just have to leave your pimples. You don’t have to treat it with vigorous products which will aggravate your acne; also you should never ever scratch or squeeze your acne as it will leave scars and marks on your skin. When the body itself will get back to its normal level the acne will itself settle down. 

Certain medicines:

This is also another very great factor which causes pimples on your forehead and acne. When you are on taking some certain medicines for some serious disease and problem, this also in return can have side effects of causing pimples on your forehead. One your problem gets resolved and you stop taking those medicines your pimples will settle itself.

Clothing and makeup irritation:

There are people who have sensitive skins or who are allergic to specific products. For example, I also have a very sensitive skin and my skin is allergic to products like Aloe Vera and glycerin and whenever I use any makeup or skincare product that contain these two products I get pimples on my forehead. That makeup can be brand new and can be of very high quality but, if it contains those products which irritate your skin you will get pimples on your forehead. Similarly there are certain clothes which are rough in texture or you use a pillow that is rough in texture that can also cause pimples on your fore head.  Also touching your face excessively will also lead to acne and pimples because your dirty fingers or hand can transmit bacteria into your skin from your hand.

How to get rid of pimples on forehead?

As there are many cause why these pimples originate on your fore head there are also many remedies so, don’t worry here are some very easy and simple step by which you can rid of your pimples at home.

Natural remedies:

 Natural remedies for any problem are always the best. Start with a good skincare. Wash your face twice with a gentle cleanser so that no excessive oil and dirt remains on your skin. Shop for the products which are good for mild acne like:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Tee tree oil
  • Zinc
  • Green tea extract
  • Azelaic acid

  Use of Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is mostly found in almost every house like mine. Take some fresh aloe Vera from there and take out its all fluid and massage it onto your skin for few minutes then rinse it with tepid water.  You can also store Aloe Vera in a jar and can use whenever you want as a night cream or day cream. You can also purchase organic Aloe Vera online from authentic brands such as Connatural which is my favorite.

Tee tree oil:

Tee tree oil because of its anti-inflammatory in nature is always very effective. It helps to reduce the redness, pain and swelling of your pimples.


Just apply two drops on each pimple and leave it overnight and you will see a huge difference in the morning. Always be careful when applying tee tree oil as it will also cause burning in your skin. Not all tee tree oils of every brand are good. My favorite tee tree oil is from connatural. Always dilute the tee tree oil with some serum or cream. Never apply it as it is.

Summary of tips:

  • Always double cleanse your skin after removing makeup. Use mild cleansers.
  • Never touch your face excessively on the pimples area.
  • Wash your hair regularly. Avoid greasy hair
  • Avoid having a bang style or hair on your forehead. Pin up your hair or tie it away from fore head.
  • Never rub your pimples, it will make them worse. Gently pat your face.
  • Use products containing Aloe Vera in it.
  • Use tee tree face wash and cleansers.

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