How to Prevent Hair Fall For Female

Hair fall problem is a very scary problem when it comes to females. Losing 50 to 100 strands of hair is normal but more than that is a problem. Thinning of hair, losing volume and hair fall is more of a cosmetic concern than a health concern.

Here are some few tips by which you can prevent your hair fall:

1 Avoid Tight Hairstyles

Don’t make high ponytails, braids and buns which pull and tighten up your hairline. The stress caused by tight hairstyles pulls out your baby hair and small hair on the hairline causing hair fall problems. Always use an elastic band that is of good product and that does not tangle up your hair.

2 Avoid Heating Products

Try avoiding heating tools, sprays, and treatments because they damage your hair very badly. Always let your hair dry naturally, never use blow-dries. If on an occasion there is a need of curling or straightening your hair, make sure you use a good brand of these products and always use a heat protectant spray before doing any styling. Never let your heating tool stay in one place of your hair for too long otherwise it will burn your hair.

3 Avoid Chemical Treatments

Like heat, chemicals are also dangerous for your hair. The chemical treatments that are offered by saloon are very dangerous for your hair and are one of the main reasons why you face hair fall issue. Never bleach your entire hair, avoid doing color and dyes on your hair. Avoid any of these treatments which involve chemicals in it like rebounding, heat styling and chemical wash of your hair.

4 Focus on a Healthy Diet

Food and diet is always the prime foremost treatment of every problem related to your hair. Foods that are high in vitamins and minerals such as iron, zinc, and vitamin B12 should be utilized. These can be found in green leafy vegetables, fresh fruit juices etc. if not the food or you are good at taking these kinds of diets then try adding hair vitamins and supplements in your routine which fulfills the hair nutrients of your body.

5 Use Good Hair Products

Other than investing in chemical treatments and protein treatments invest in good hair products such as good shampoos, conditioners, oils, and serums. These are the value-adding things through which your hair fall problem can be prevented. Good shampoos like body shop and keratin are really very good as they include organic ingredients in them.

6 Oiling

Oil is a very necessary building block in making your hair healthy, smooth and thick. At least massage twice a week with any of your favorite shampoo like olive oil. If you have dry and rough hair try using coconut oil with adding vitamin e capsules in it. Castor oil is also very good thick oil that promotes thickness and prevents the hair fall issue of your hair.

7 Right Massage

When oiling your hair or massaging your scalp always use your fingers and hands. Never use your nails to rub your scalp. Always be gentle and try focusing on your hair roots rather than hair. There are also pressure points in your scalp which should be massaged in a proper way which stimulates blood circulation in your body which eventually helps to fight the hair fall problem.

8 See a Dermatologist

If after doing all these remedies for quite some time still you don’t feel any difference then go see your dermatologist and tell your problem because there might be some other issue regarding your body cells, blood which can further lead to any disease.


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