How to Prevent Hair Loss for Teenage Guys

Hair fall problem can occur irrespective of any age and situation at any time. Hair fall issue can also arise in teenage boys due to multiple reasons like eating habit and hormonal imbalance. However, according to the doctors, teenage hair fall problem is just a temporary problem and once it is treated right the problem can be eliminated and the hair gets back to its normal condition.

This hair fall issue in teenage guys can be treated in a number of ways such as:

1 Eating Habits:

Hair fall in teenage guys can usually be caused by poor eating habits. Teenage guys are more prone to eating unhealthy and junk food. Eating in the right order and eating a healthy diet can help to prevent this hair loss problem. Diet and food which is rich in vitamins such as iron, zinc, vitamin B12 should be taken that will help to reduce this problem. Also, fresh juices should be taken which includes value vitamins such as pomegranate and orange juice that forms blood.

2 Switch Medications:

Some medications also have this side effect of hair loss problem. Many medicines used for blood pressure, blood thinning and depression have this side effect. In this situation, before taking any medicine you should ask your doctor about the side effects of each medicine. If you are already taking that medicine and that medicine is causing your hair fall problem then try switching your medicines after consulting your doctor.

3 Correct Hormonal Problems:

As we are specifically talking about teenage guys so teenage people have this problem of hormones. They are growing and there are a lot of changes undergoing in their body which might cause hair fall problem. In this situation one should always wait, as the time will pass the problem will get cured by itself or take suitable hormonal medicines after consulting your doctor.

4 Consult your Doctor:

Teenage is a very sensitive age, your body is undergoing many changes in that age such as hormonal changes and other problems related to growth which might cause hair loss problems. However, if after waiting for some time the problem doesn’t get cured then try consulting your doctor. There might be some serious issue or disease attached to your hair fall problem which if not treated on time can become intense.

5 Hygiene Problems:

Guys in their teenage lives are very careless and irresponsible. They don’t wash their hair on time for days; they don’t know how to take care of their hair properly like when to wash them when to do oiling and things like that. So if they really want to get rid of this problem then they should pay attention to this problem and take care of their and health in a good manner.


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