How to Reduce Acne Breakouts

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Acne is a common disorder nowadays and it is caused by a number of factors such as skin producing excess oils, dead skin cells on the skin, bacteria present on the skin and multiple reasons like these. There is however some ways through you can reduce acne breakouts which are as following:

1 Wash The Face Twice Daily:

It is important to remove dirt, oil and sweat from the skin which is the foremost reason why you are having acne. Use mild cleansers such as oil based and water based cleansers to clean your face followed by a good moisturizer after that. Twice means twice. Never over wash your face otherwise it will make your skin dry and aggravate the pimple.

2 Keep Hair Clean:

Always keep your hair clean. Your dirty hair produces oil which travels to your face and causes acne. Shampoo your hair regularly. Also do not use hair gels and hair spray to come on your face because they clog pores.

3 Avoid Harsh Scrubbing:

Never use a harsh cloth or towel to rub your face and scrub it. It will irritate your skin making your acne worse and will stimulate redness on your skin. Also the brush we use for face masks on our skin should be soft and clean. Always use a separate soft face cloth for your face.

4 Do Not Pop Your Pimple:

We often want to pop or squeeze the pimple which is very wrong. Popping a pimple will make it worse producing more acne and leaving scars. So always wait for the pimple to vanish itself. Popping a pimple also inhibit inflammation and redness in the skin.

5 Consider Topical Retinoid:

Retinoid is those medicines which are derived from vitamin A and dermatologists suggest them to take which will help to prevent and manage acne. Some of the retinoids are only available online on prescription only.

6 Ointments Treatment:

There are ointments and treatment such as serums, creams, and essences which are effective when you have acne and breakout in some particular area of your faces like chin, forehead, and nose. These ointments are used to treat mild acne breakouts and use to treat acne scars also.

7 Avoid Food That Causes Acne:

Previously food was not considered a factor which causes acne and breakouts however recent studies have proved that there is some certain food item that causes acne and breakouts. Food that is enriched with carbohydrates and glycemic index are likely to cause acne and breakouts. Also, food which is oily in nature such as fried food also causes acne and breakout.

Some of the sugary foods are pie, cakes, cookies etc. and oily foods such as French fries and burgers.

8 Wear Sunscreen:

Sunburn also lead to the production of oil in skin that causes acne. Always use sunscreen whenever you are going outside. Wear sunscreen of SPF 50 protection. One should also use sunscreen at day time when they inside.

9 Laser Therapies:

There are special light laser therapies designed which can prevent the presence of bacteria on your skin. Also, there are special kinds of fillers and many other treatments that are injected in your skin filled with collagen and salicylic acid that will help to reduce acne scars and breakouts.

10 Avoid Skincare Products That Contain Oils:

Avoid skincare products that contain oil in it because they will settle in your pores and will clog your pores. The products that don’t contain oil in it are called non-comedogenic products. These oil containing products should only be used dry and mature skins that do not have natural oils in their skin.

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