How to Reduce Hair Loss (25 easy ways)

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There are many problems related to skincare and hair care which we face when are in our growing age but some problems become so intense that It leads to depression and under confidence like Hair loss problems.  Excessive hair loss problems can also lead you to baldness.

Common reasons of hair fall

  • Result of heredity
  • Hormonal changes
  • Medical conditions
  • Intense medicines

However, there are some simple remedies through which you can overcome this hair loss problem.

Hair oiling:

Oiling your scalp twice in a week can really help you overcome this problem of hair loss. The oils nourish your scalp and provide all the nutrients needed for your hair. Oil can penetrate into your hair channel making them strong and soft. It makes them less rough which eventually prevents them from falling.

There are some oils which are really beneficial in overcoming this problem like:

  • Castor oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Lavender oil
  • Peppermint oil
  • Rosemary oils

These all oils listed above contain ingredients to help protect, nourish and moisturize hair, plus they are anti-fungal and antibacterial in nature.


Whenever you are planning to apply these oils to your hair. Try putting more oil to your scalp than your hair and massage your hair softly. Avoid rubbing your scalp vigorously as it will weaken your hair roots stimulating more hair to fall out. Heat the oil a little before applying it. Always knot your ends of the hair to avoid split ends and rough ends that’s also a reason of your hair fall.

Washing your hair:

Not washing your hair for a very long time can also produce excessive oil on your scalp which makes your hair roots weak and making them fall out. When you are washing your hair regularly you are preventing your hair from dandruff, fungal infections, breakage and loss.  Washing your hair regularly will also make your pores clean and scalp neat preventing hair loss.

Use organic shampoos:

Always try to use organic shampoos and always see the ingredient that which shampoo suits your hair the best. For example there are shampoos of hair loss, protecting hair from color, shine and glossy shampoos. So you have to choose that which one suits you the best. I always go for organic shampoos of Khiels and body shop. They work the best for me. Some ingredients like Amla, reetha and sikakaei works the best for your hair and promotes healthy hair.

Shampoo your hair correct:

Whenever shampooing your hair, be gentle and soft. Never rub your hair briskly otherwise your hair will get tangle in small knots and it will be difficult for you to untangle them. Use massaging movements to clean your hair and make sure you don’t rub your scalp with your nails.

Use the right comb:

 Brushing or combing your hair is a very technical thing. It is normal if 5 to 10 strands of your hair come out but if more strands of your hair are coming out then you might not be brushing them properly. Always start from the bottom to untangle your hair and then come up. Never brush your hair when your hair is wet. Always wait for your hair to dry up. Use a wide wooden comb to comb your hair so less hair falls out.

Hair serums:

Try using hair serums or leave in conditioner which will help you brush your hair softly and easily. Use comb with soft bristles so they don’t irritate your skin.  A hair serum also makes your hair protectant to sunlight and heat. My personal favorite hair serum is the mythic oil from L’Oreal and hair serum by tony and guy.   

Avoid heating products:

Natural products are always the best when it comes to anything specially hair and skin. Always wait for your hair to dry up naturally in sunlight. Never use dryers and straighteners to instantly drying up your hair except in any emergency. Avoid using heating tools as much as you can as they very rapidly damages your hair. Whenever you are going on an occasion and you are using straightener or dryer, always use heat protecting sprays. Specially heating your hair when they are wet can do a lot more damage than heating your hair when they are dry. Also when buying any straightener and curlers use good quality and brand of these tool which have ceramic coating on their plates which protect the hair from damage.

Some of the good brands are:

  • Baby bliss
  • Remington

Have a good diet:

Healthy diet is always the key solution to every problem you faces. If your internal mechanism will be good your outer parts and organs will automatically be healthy and strong like hair. Hair needs a lot of nourishment and nutrients. There are protein enriched and vitamins enriched diets for example lentils, milk products and fruits which make your hair healthy.

Vitamin supplements:

There are many vitamins which are very beneficial for your hair like for growth, in strengthening them for example

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin b12
  • Biotin

These vitamins can be taken in the form of capsules. One capsule perfectly fulfills your all nourishment needed for your hair daily. But when taking these supplements make sure they are of good brand and quality.

  1. Drink water: keep yourself hydrated:

Water is always the solution for these kinds of problems like hair loss and acne problems. You may thing that drinking water will not make a great deal but it does. Drinking water hydrates your organs and body internally. It hydrates your hair roots and scalp making your hair roots strong and unbreakable. You should at least drink 8 to 10 glasses of water minimum regardless of the season.

Use hair masks and hair balms:

Deep conditioning and nourishment of your hair is very important when you are facing this issue of hair loss. Hair masks and hair balms are very effective to prevent hair loss problems. Hair masks are thick substance which helps to retain moisture in your hair making your hair roots strong. Use hair masks at least once in a week. My personal favorite hair masks are from the brand L’Oreal. There are masks are very good and effective.  

Organic masks:

I personally use organic hair masks and the reason I love them is that you have no doubt in the originality of the ingredients and you know the results will be as per your desire. My favorite mask for hair loss problem is the egg and honey mask. Mix one egg with some honey in it and add Aloe Vera if you want and apply it on your hair focusing on the scalp. Put the entire hair mask in your hair and the ends of your hair. Tie your hair and put a shower cap on your hair to retain all the moisture. After one hour or so wash your hair with regular shampoo and you will feel a big difference in your hair. Some people like me add mayonnaise in my hair mask. Mayonnaise gives an instant shine to your hair leaving your hair soft and smooth.

Hair treatments:

There are also hair treatments like protein treatment and other treatments which provide nourishment to your hair and provide nutrients to your protein which makes your hair soft and prevents hair loss problems.

Exercise regularly:

Exercise regularly as it regulates the blood flow of your hair which makes your hair roots strong and unbreakable. There are some specific exercises of head and hair which you can look up on YouTube. If you are too lazy to exercise on some lazy days take a soft bristle brush and brush your hair gently from top to bottom and it will relax your scalp and gives a very deep massage.

Avoid tightening your hair:

Whenever you are styling your hair, never style your hair very tightly that pulls your hair and its root. Never use low quality thin bands when tying your hair because if the band breaks it will get stuck in your hair and your hair will get tangle up so badly. Also avoid making very high and tight pony tails as it will also tease your pores of hair and will make your hair roots weak.

Avoid chemicals and dye:

When you know that you are facing this hair loss problem, avoid applying hair colors and dye to your hair very often as the dyes and hair colors contain vigorous chemicals in it which will damage your hair that will eventually lead you to hair loss.  Some people also do bleach to their hair which completely damages their hair and lead them to hair loss problems.

Keep an eye on your medication:

Whenever you are taking any specific medicine or any problem you are having, always look up for the ingredients that the medicine contains. At times some medicine has side effects of hair loss and you can’t do anything about that. It will only get cured when you will stop taking that medicine. 

Avoid hot water while taking a shower:

Taking hot shower particularly in winters can be a very major reason why you are facing hair loss problem. Hot showers can damage your roots and will cause dandruff to your scalp which will lead you to hair loss problems. Always use lukewarm and tepid water when washing your hair.

Protein diet:

Proteins are the building blocks of your hair. They promote hair health and growth. The protein rich which you should take religiously are cottage beans, lentils and milk. You can also have protein smoothies and drink that equally promotes hair health.

Sweat free head:

This especially for men who wear helmets and women who wear bands and scarfs. The sweat goes into your pores and weakens your hair. Always use cotton bandana or a handkerchief over your hair under the helmet so the sweat gets absorbed and hair breakage can be prevented.

Sleeping with hair:

Whenever you are sleeping always loosely tie up your hair so they don’t strangle with each other throughout the night or comes under your back pulling your roots. It will also make a lot easier to brush your hair after waking up in the morning.

Take care of your health:

You should always take care of your health not because of hair loss problem only but for preventing your body from every problem. Sometimes fever, chronic illness and problems similar to these can make you go through a hair loss phase. This is also because the medicines you take in those conditions contain ingredients which have side effects like hair loss in them.

Make yourself stress free:

Whenever you are taking stress or going through any depression your body undergoes hormonal changes which can lead you to hair loss problems. So try to exercise daily, breath in, relax and let your body take all that out. Mediate; listen to soft music to reduce stress.

See your dermatologist:

However, if you still suffer from hair loss problem you should always go and see your dermatologist because there can be some serious disease or problem attached to yourself which is causing you hair loss problems.

Practice yoga:

Yoga can be very effective when you are facing problems like hair loss problem. Yoga helps to cleanse out your system, open up all the blockages, clean your pores, allow proper oxygen and blood to flow which helps you get rid of this problem.


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