How to Regrow Hair Using Natural Methods

Here is the good news for those people who are facing this issue of hair fall because you can always regrow your hair by using natural methods. Some of the methods are as follows:

Hair Oiling:

Oiling your scalp twice in a week can really help you regrow your hair again. The oils nourish your scalp and provide all the nutrients needed for your hair. Oil can penetrate into your hair channel making them strong and soft. It makes them less rough which eventually prevents them from falling and making them regrow. There are some oils which are really beneficial in helping you regrow your hair like Castor oil, Coconut oil, Lavender oil Peppermint oil, and Rosemary oils.

Oiling Techniques:

Whenever you are planning to apply these oils to your hair. Try putting more oil to your scalp than your hair and massage your hair softly. Avoid rubbing your scalp vigorously as it will weaken your hair roots stimulating more hair to fall out. Heat the oil a little before applying it. Always knot your ends of the hair to avoid split ends and rough ends, this will make your hair strong and will help them to regrow.

Avoid Chemical Treatments:

Like heat, chemicals are also dangerous for your hair. The chemical treatments that are offered by saloon are very dangerous for your hair and are one of the main reasons why you face hair fall issue and why your hair never regrows. Never bleach your entire hair, avoid doing color and dyes on your hair. Avoid any of these treatments which involve chemicals in it like rebounding, heat styling and chemical wash of your hair. Avoiding these treatments will help you to regrow your hair back.

Use Organic Shampoos:

Always try to use organic shampoos and always see the ingredient that which shampoo suits your hair the best. For example, there are shampoos of hair loss, growing hair, protecting hair from color, shine, and glossy shampoos. So you have to choose which one suits you the best. I always go for organic shampoos of Khiels and body shop. They work best for me. Some ingredients like Amla, Reetha and Acacia Concinna (Sikakaei) works the best for your hair and promotes healthy hair.

Taking a Healthy Diet:

Taking healthy food and the right diet can also greatly help in regrowing your hair and making your hair shiny and strong. There are many fruits and vegetables which are highly rich in the nutrients your hair badly needs. For example, eggs that contain large which are enriched with protein that promotes hair growth and hair thickness. Similarly, berries contain various vitamins that promote hair growth and thickness.

Vitamin Supplements:

There are many vitamins which are very beneficial for your hair like for growth, in strengthening them for example

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin b12
  • Biotin

These vitamins can be taken in the form of capsules. One capsule perfectly fulfills your all nourishment needed for your hair daily. But when taking these supplements make sure they are of good brand and quality.

Drink Water: Keep Yourself Hydrated:

Water is always the solution for these kinds of problems like hair loss and acne problems. You may think that drinking water will not make a great deal but it does. Drinking water hydrates your organs and body internally. It hydrates your hair roots and scalp making your hair roots strong and unbreakable and stimulate your hair to regrow. You should at least drink 8 to 10 glasses of water minimum regardless of the season.

Use Hair Masks and Hair Balms:

Deep conditioning and nourishment of your hair are very important when you are facing this issue of hair loss or you want your hair to regrow. Hair masks and hair balms are very effective to prevent hair loss problems. Hair masks are the thick substance which helps to retain moisture in your hair making your hair roots strong. Use hair masks at least once in a week. My personal favorite hair masks are from the brand L’Oreal. There are masks are very good and effective.

Organic Masks:

I personally use organic hair masks and the reason I love them is that you have no doubt in the originality of the ingredients and you know the results will be as per your desire. My favorite mask for hair loss problem is the egg and honey mask.

Mix one egg with some honey in it and add Aloe Vera if you want and apply it on your hair focusing on the scalp. Put the entire hair mask in your hair and the ends of your hair. Tie your hair and put a shower cap on your hair to retain all the moisture. After one hour or so wash your hair with regular shampoo and you will feel a big difference in your hair. Some people like me add mayonnaise in my hair mask. Mayonnaise gives an instant shine to your hair leaving your hair soft and smooth.

Exercise Regularly:

Exercise regularly as it regulates the blood flow of your hair which makes your hair roots strong and unbreakable and stimulates your hair to regrow. There are some specific exercises of head and hair which you can look up on YouTube. If you are too lazy to exercise on some lazy days take a soft bristle brush and brush your hair gently from top to bottom and it will relax your scalp and gives a very deep massage.

Avoid Tightening Your Hair:

Whenever you are styling your hair, never style your hair very tightly that pulls your hair and its root. Never use low-quality thin bands when tying your hair because if the band breaks it will get stuck in your hair and your hair will get tangled up so badly. Also, avoid making very high and tight ponytails as it will also tease your pores of hair and will make your hair roots weak and your hair would not regrow.


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