How To Take Care of Hands And Feet in The Winters?

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Skincare and body care is an essential thing which one should always do despite of any weather or environment. Skincare becomes more important especially when winter seasons approach. Like we take care of our face in the winters, it’s also necessary that we take care of our hand and feet in the winter season. Winter season snatches all the natural moisturizer from your skin, leaving your skin dry, cracked, dull and unhealthy. Taking care of hands and feet can make a big difference in your health and personality also (making you confident, healthy and self-satisfied).

The important steps through which you can take care of your hands and feet are as follows:

1 Maintaining Hygiene:

When it comes to cleaning your hands and feet you should always do the detailed cleaning. Never ignore your cuticles. Always use a hydrating cream to make your cuticles soft so that the dead skin become soften and comes out easily by itself. Gently exfoliate your hands and feet at least thrice a week. Use organic honey and brown sugar to exfoliate rather than using hard scrubs from the markets. Always exfoliate gently when it comes to hands and feet, in a clockwise motion for 5 to 6 minute and then rinse with tepid water.

2 Nail care:

Nails are the chief beauty of hands. You should always keep the length of your nails to a medium level which doesn’t look murky and unclean. Always buff your nails to smooth the surfaces of your nails and never use the nail tools of anyone else otherwise it will cause fungal infections. Always buff and rub gently so you don’t thin the nail too much, which increases weakness. Properly file up your nails and always keep all your nails in one shape which will look neat and clean.

3 Choose The Right Moisturizer:

Cancer risk is the biggest threat to skin nowadays and it is caused by exposure in the sun. We often neglect sunblock for our hands and feet in the winters whereas it is equally important in winters to use sunblock in winters as it is in summers. Always choose the moisturizer for your hands and feet which have SPF15 in it and is enriched with lactic acid which keep your hands and feet moisturized. Keep a hand and feet cream in your bag whenever you go outside. Prefer water-based moisturizer over anything because these kinds of moisturizers will quickly sink into your skin and will not leave your hands and feet greasy. Use oil based versions for nighttime routine as it includes ingredients such as dimethicone, petroleum, and glycerin.

4 Keep Yourself Hydrated:

Drinking less water is an important factor which causes dehydration and dryness in your body. In winters we often forget to drink water which is the reason of dry hands and cracked heels. Keep yourself hydrated in the winter. Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.

5 Choose The Right Size For Your Shoe:

Keep your toenails short and trimmed in winters because in winters we wear closed shoes mostly and if the toenail will be very big, it will cause an inflammatory reaction to the skin and the toenails grow underneath the skin which causes pain and infection. Also, cramming feet into small sized shoes or tight shoes can also make your toenails grow into the surrounding skin causing swelling. So always wear the right size of your shoe.

6 After Shower Therapy:

Whenever you take shower, use a soft cloth to dry your hands and feet and then apply Vaseline to your cracked heels, massage it for 5 to 7 minutes and wear socks immediately. Your feet will become super soft overnight. Apply Vaseline especially to the cuticles of your feet. Glycerin can also be used instead of Vaseline. Likewise, apply Vaseline to your hands and cuticles before going to bed and you will wake up with softer hands. You can also use cotton gloves for your hands and if not use socks for your hands as well.

7 Honey Mask And Yogurt Mask:

Twice in a week use yogurt or honey mask onto your hands and feet for deep moisturizing and softness. Lactic acid in yogurt will help remove the dead cells from your skin. Apply it and let it stay for 5 to 10 minutes and then wash it with warm water. Similarly, you can mix honey with lemon and apply it on your hands and feet.  Lemon is a bleaching agent; it will help brighten up your hands and feet. It will also help to remove dead skin from your hands and feet.

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