Top 10 Makeup Tips for Beginners

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Makeup is the jewel of girls. Wearing the right makeup gives you confidence, make you feel happy and beautiful but you cannot just simply go to the market and purchase makeup. You should always research a little before purchasing your makeup. Makeup can turn out to be the best for you and make you feel the best if only you have invested money on the right products. So, I would suggest the following makeup tips for those who have just started doing makeup or are planning to do the makeup.

Study your skin:

Before purchasing any makeup or skincare product, know your skin. This is the elementary thing you should do before purchasing anything. To be specific you should know what skin type you have (oily, dry or combination). Once you have identified it, also note that if your skin is dry then how much it is dry, is it flakey dry with white patches or normal dry and if oily then know that if your whole face is oily or just T-zone areas.

Also, you should know that if your skin easily reacts with certain products and if your skin is sensitive or not. Having this little information about your skin can make a huge difference and can save you from wasting your money on fancy vanity products that will not give you the desired result you have been looking for. Some skins are surprisingly reactive to those products also which you may have not thought of. For example, some people are allergic to organic products such as Aloe Vera.

Jot it down:

The next step is to make a list of all the basic things you need for a full makeover and then do a little research of that product that if it suits you then buy that product. For example, starting from the very basic thing which is the face wash then comes the moisturizer, primer, foundation, concealer, powder, mascara, eyeliner, blush on, highlighter, bronzer, eyebrow pencil, lipstick and fix spray.

After listing all the basic things of makeup, according to your skin type search for best primers, foundations etc. read reviews on blogs and Google that what people have to say about that product and what are their experiences. Also, you should know your budget before purchasing anything. You don’t have to invest heavy money in some fancy makeup products of which you can find perfect dupes.

Choose the perfect shade for your foundation:

When buying makeup products such as foundation, concealer, and powder you should know your skin color, undertone and texture. You don’t have to buy a very light or dark foundation which does not match your skin. Never check the shade of the foundation or anything on your wrist. Always apply it to you side jawline to your neck to match the foundation color with your neck.

Always see if the foundation has oxidizing properties or not, If yes then buy a foundation one shade lighter than your skin tone which will become exactly like your skin color after some time for example for Huda beauty foundation it is claimed that it does oxidize after a long time. If you are buying the makeup for the first time, buy one foundation for your daily use which is cheap and affordable like Maybelline fit me and you likewise you should purchase one heavy coverage foundation for your special occasions like Huda beauty foundation.

However, if you are short of budget and you want to have 2 in 1 kind of foundation then buy a foundation that is medium to heavy coverage that will work best in daily routine as well as on special occasions like Mac studio fix fluid.

Concealer that hide your dark secrets:

Many people have the wrong conception about concealers. They think concealer is the one which is one shade lighter than your foundation but, actually it’s not. Concealer is the one which camouflages your skin and hides all your redness, dark circles, acne marks and pigmentation and that concealer should be the exact shade of your skin color. The concealer is which is one shade lighter than your foundation color is basically for highlighting.

It does not hide your blemishes and marks, it only highlights the areas of your face which you want that is why it is one shade lighter than the color of your foundation. For example, my skin color is Asian tone (slightly whitish with yellow undertone) and I use Nars creamy radiant concealer for concealing my blemishes and acne marks and the perfect shade for me is ginger and honey.

For highlighting my under eye areas and face I use a shade lighter than my skin color which is custard. So one should know about this thing before purchasing any concealer or else you will just waste your money.

For daily wear, if you are in a hurry or you don’t want a full face makeup, you can always apply concealer on your face and just set it with a powder and you are ready to go. For best concealers, I would recommend buying concealer from makeup revolution which is a very good high coverage concealer and for high end, I would blindly say Nars radiant creamy concealer.

Lipsticks are girl’s best friend:

Yes, this is very true that lipsticks are a girl’s best friend. If I have a choice of applying two makeup products only, I would choose concealer and lipstick. Lipstick instantly add color and life to your makeup and your whole makeup look changes just with that one swipe of your lipstick.

When choosing a lipstick to buy one has to be very critical and specific because a lipstick changes the whole game of your makeup.

You should always have three types of lipsticks in your vanity like nudes and pinks or daily wear or if you have made heavy eyes and some dark color lipsticks for special occasions. In lipsticks, one should always go for liquid mattes because the staying on a game of these lipsticks is unbeatable and also the finishing formula is super flawless.

Powder or no powder:

Many people think that buying powder is a necessity when it comes to makeup but, actually it is not. Especially in the winter season when your skin is dry and flakey and you want to have a dewy look on your face then you don’t have to apply powder on your face or set your face with baking powder.

It will make your skin super dry and flakey. Buying a powder also highly depends on your skin type for example if your skin is oily in every season then you must have a powder to set your face before it all melts away.

For daily wear use I would suggest using my personal favorite powder that is Rimmel stay matte powder and if you are a fan of baking and you are all about that glam dolled look then go for Laura Mercier loose setting powder.

Color the apples:

Blushes and shimmers add life and sparkle to your makeup; they instantly boost up your makeup and your mood especially in the winter season when your skin is dull and boring, just applying a little blush on or shimmer to your cheeks will make you fresh.

Blushes should always be on the 5 minutes or go to quick makeup. If you’re doing a very natural makeup then you should always go for pink blushes and if you want that bronze sunny look then go for peaches and brown blushes.

Skincare is the mother:

Skincare should always be the top priority for you. Remember if your skin won’t be getting the right nourishment and right care then no matter which product you apply, how much expensive it is simply won’t work. Whenever you apply makeup whether it is full glam makeup or natural makeup, always cleanse your makeup after that and remove every dirt from your makeup.

Invest in good makeup removers according to your skin tone and quickly remove all your makeup at once when you are home. Moisturize your skin after that and massage a little. Your skin needs to breathe and be hydrated if you want your makeup to look flawless.

Prepping Is The Key:

Often people don’t pay much attention to the process before applying their makeup. There is a full prepping process which you should always do before applying your makeup regardless of what skin type you have.

After washing your face, apply a good deep moisturizer (dry skin) or a serum (oily skin) and then wait for 5 minutes to let it absorb in your skin then apply a primer to close your pores so that your makeup blends on your skin like a dream.

Moreover, if you want your makeup to perfectly blend and stay in place all day then apply to prep sprays or facial mists which will hold and set all your makeup.

Blend, Blend, and Blend

This may seem an easy task and a cup of tea for everyone but, it is not. Most people don’t pay much attention to blend their makeup which does not give the desired flawless look. Always blend and take time to blend whether it a foundation or a concealer or an eye shadow and when it comes to blending, never rub your foundation or concealer.

Always dab it in our skin with a beauty blender. Similarly, when blending your eye shadows always use light movements of your brush and hold the brush very gently from the end and just blend and blend till the time when there is no boundary or crease of that eye shadow.

These are the major mistakes and also the tips for every makeup beginner person on earth and trust me should focus on this tips while doing/buying makeup and thank me later.

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