Top 5 Ways to Reduce Hair Fall


Hair fall can be a big problem. All of us after a certain age in life starts to fright that we might lose our hair or the volume of hair will decrease. There are number of reasons why you will be facing these issues in future or present. Hair fall can be inherited problem, running in your family like baldness in male.

Other reason can be hormonal changes in your body or taking some intense medication related to some problem but, it’s never too late. One can always take correct decisions at the right time to tackle these kinds of issues.

Here are some remedies through which your hair fall can be reduced.

1 Use the right comb:

This may seem like a small thing but this makes a huge difference (using the right comb). Always use a wooden wide tooth comb to untangle your hair especially when you are facing hair loss problem. Never brush your hair while they are wet after shower. Always apply a mild serum or 4-5 drops of olive oil to smoothen out the ends of your hair and to make your hair soft and frizz free.

Whenever you start combing your hair, always start from below and start brushing your hair from low to top. After combing brush your hair. You should also take care of your brush and comb and clean them once in a week because hygiene also makes a huge difference. When purchasing your brush or comb, always select a wide tooth comb and a soft bristle brush for your hair so that the weak roots of your hair don’t get irritated.

2 Right way to shampoo and hair wash:

When it comes to washing your hair. Always wash your hair thrice in a week at least to keep your hair clean and away from dandruff but, never over wash your hair or wash your hair daily because that will take away the natural oils of your hair which is essential for strengthening your hair. When applying shampoo, massage your scalp very gently.

Never rub your scalp vigorously because it will make your brittle and more prone to breakage. Never make a cluster of your hair on the top while doing shampoo, always use your hand gently from up to down motion while shampooing your hair.

Choosing the right shampoo also makes a big difference. Always use shampoo that are hat are sulfate, silicone, and paraben-free to avoid loading your scalp and hair with harsh chemicals that cause damage. After washing your hair wait until your hair becomes dry and then comb your hair. Never harshly rub your hair with towel.

Gently squeeze, pat your hair and then allow them to dry naturally. Never use heat tools to dry your hair except in any emergency. Always let your hair dry naturally because the heat can damage your hair making them weak.

3 Styling the right way:

Everybody wants to experiment with their hair and try out different hairstyles to look good and beautiful but there are also consequences of these styling. Excessive ironing, blow-drying and heating of your hair can damage your hair and make your roots weak. Those who color their hair very often and use cheap hair colors can also be the major cause of hair fall.

When facing this issue of hair fall immediately stop using hair dyes and colors for some time till your hair gets better because they contain harsh chemicals with active ingredient which cause immense reactions. Never tie your hair too tight like a high ponytail or a braid which will tighten your hair so much that it will lead to the breakage of your hair. Never use a rubber band when tying your hair because the rubber band can stick in your thin hair which will cause breakage and tangles.

Always use a soft pony for tying your hair and always tie your hair softly and loosely. Don’t use excessive hair sprays, glossing sprays on your hair because they also might be if not major but a minor cause that why you are facing hair fall problem. Avoid making buns and those hairstyles which will pull your hair backward and prevent your blood to properly circulate through your head and will cause headache.

4 Healthy diet and supplements:

Taking healthy food and right diet can also greatly help in reducing your hair fall and making your hair shiny and strong. There are many fruits and vegetables which are highly rich in the nutrients your hair badly needs.

For example eggs that contains large which are enrich with protein that promotes hair growth and hair thickness. Similarly berries contain various vitamins that promote hair growth and thickness.

5 Essential oil scalp massage:

Massaging your scalp once in a week will actually help you get rid of hair fall. Oils like coconut oil, almond oil and olive oil promotes hair growth and stimulates the hair follicles. When massaging your hair, exert a little pressure on the main points of your head for better blood circulation, never rub your scalp and never be too harsh when doing massage.

After massage, leave your hair for an hour at least and then wash your hair with shampoo. If possible and for even better result use hair serum after washing your hair like mythic oil.

There are many other remedies through which you can reduce your hair fall but, these are the main remedies listed above which will actually help you fight hair fall.

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