What is Korean Skin Care And What’s All The Hype About

Korean skin care is also known as “K-beauty”. The letter K refers to the word Korean. This topic is been the big splash of the industry nowadays. Korean skin care includes glass skin, shine slime, cushion blushers and alphabetized creams such as bb creams then cc creams etc.

How is it different from other skincare?

Korean skincare is different from other skin care in the context of ingredients and procedure. Korean skin care includes ingredients which are focused on health, hydration and nutrition. Their aim is to make your skin look flawless even without makeup rather than the British approach which is all about covering your dark circles, pigmentation, acne etc. Korean skincare is all about treating your skin right, fixing the problems of your skin. The good thing which I find about these products is that they produce slow and consistent permanent results rather than instant results which will fade away once you stop using that product.

10 famous Korean skin care steps:

This skin care is a lifestyle rather than a routine. It is all about using the right products, in the right way and order. They are proved by scientific procedures and advancements. These steps are divided into three segments: cleansing, prepping and nourishing.

The steps are as follows:

Makeup removers and oil cleansers:

The first step of Korean skincare is double cleansing and makeup removers and oil cleansers are the first step of double cleanse. Oil-based cleansers remove all types of oils such as sebum, SPF and pollution from the skin.

How to do it:

Take your favorite oil cleanser like coconut oil, jojoba oil and massage it into your dry skin then wipe it with a cotton swab gently and then rinse it with tepid water. Grape seed oil, jojoba oil and coconut oil work the best for removing makeup.

Water-based cleansers:

The second step of double cleansing is water-based cleansing. Cleansing twice is recommended by dermatologists because double cleansing removes all the impurities from your skin that can cause any breakouts (acne). Water-based cleansers remove all the water-based impurities from your skin like sweat and dirt which your oil cleansers can’t.

How to do it:

After cleaning your face with oil based cleanser apply water-based cleanser such as rice extract, green tea extract or pearl extract cleanser and apply it to your damp face then massage in circular motion and after that wash it with tepid water.


The third process is exfoliating. There are two types of exfoliators physical and chemical. Exfoliator removes all the dead skin cells from your skin making your skin visibly smooth, brighter and clear. It helps the other products to absorb in your skin and work effectively.

How to do it:

Exfoliate one to two times a week focusing on the areas of your cheeks and nose where you have pores. Gently massage your face in circular motions with your exfoliator and then rinse it with warm water. Try using exfoliators which includes ingredients such as lactic acid and salicylic acid.


Toning your skin is a very important step because after cleansing and exfoliating your pores gets open and your PH level of skin becomes high so toner is used to close your pores and balance the PH level of your skin.

How to do it:

Take a cotton ball and apply toner on it then gently swipe all across your face and then pat the toner into your skin with your hands. Try buying toners which include ingredients such as Aloe Vera and citric acid.


Essence is lightweight serum type. Essences are the heart of Korean skincare routine as it is used to brighten up your skin and provides complexion. It is used to brighten up your skin, clear your complexion and provide hydration. It is also helpful in cell turnover.

How to do it:

Sprinkle into your hands and then gently pat it on your skin with pressing motion of your hands. Try using essence which includes yeast, rice and hyaluronic acid.


After you are done with applying essence. Apply ointment or perforators which contain power ingredients used to treat the special problems of your skin like acne, hyper pigmentation and fine lines.

How to do it:

Apply in the form of drops or gently pat it into your skin where the affected area is. For example tee tree oil, vitamin C. Tee tree oil is used to treat acne and vitamin c is used to treat pigmentation.

Sheet masks:

If essence is the heart of Korean skincare routine then sheet mask are the soul of Korean skin care routine because they penetrate into your skin and absorbs into your skin providing moisture, hydration and all the health your skin needs. They have concentrated essence in it and the key to these sheet mask is that as they are in contact with your skin for a long time so they gives all the right moisture and ingredients your skin needs.

How to do it:

Smooth on to your skin, then lie back and relax for 15 to 20 minutes after that remove the masks and pat the extra essence into your skin. Try using mask containing rose, green tea and cucumber.

Eye creams:

As the eye area is the thinnest area of your face. Eye creams are used to treat dark circles, puffiness and treating fine lines of your skin. They create ingredients that are extra gentle and non-irritating. They also provide hydration to your eyes.

How to do it:

Use your small finger to gently pat your eye cream. Never rub that area and avoid your water line. Try using ingredients such as honey, ginseng.


The second last step is the moisturizing part. It provides moisture to your skin and hydration. The moisturizer comes in gel, cream and lotion form. It is used to lock all the moisture of your skin and provides hydration.

How to do it:

Gently pat it into your skin and neck. You can use this night and day time every day. Try using products which includes ingredients such as snail mucin, Centella Asiatica, green tea, bamboo, and hyaluronic acid.


It is the last and most important part of your skincare routine. It is the guarding part of your skin care. You should apply sunscreen even if you are in your home for most of the day. Sunscreen protects you from the sun and prevents your skin from premature aging (fine lines). It is to be applied with no diluted products.

How to use it:

Gently pat it into your face and neck. Re-apply throughout the day. Try using sunscreen which includes SPF 50 and titanium zinc oxide in it.


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